Wings of Light Publishing is owned, directed, and held by Tyrean Martinson. Currently, Wings of Light Publishing only publishes work by Tyrean Martinson.

However, Wings of Light Publishing may move towards a small press company in the next seven to ten years. If this happens (with lots of hard work and research ahead), Wings of Light will become a small Christian press with an emphasis on fantasy, scifi, speculative, and space opera. Maybe, there will be poetry thrown in there too.

If possible, there might be some emphasis on teen and YA publishing - meaning, teens and young adults getting published. Many gifted teen and young adult writers I've met seem to feel overwhelmed by the publishing industry at large, and at the same time, don't feel ready to publish their own work. So, I would like to help and encourage young adults to get their books out into the world of readers.

However, that's all on the far, far horizon.

For now, it's just my work as an indie author publishing within a tiny business that I've created.

In addition to that, I hope to include some insights into indie publishing, and the short story and poetry markets.

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