Monday, July 11, 2016

Wing's Edge: A Fantastically Short Fiction Anthology CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS

Wing's Edge: A Fantastically Short Fiction Anthology CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS
Wing’s Edge: A Fantastically Short Fiction Anthology

Call for Submissions:
Need:  hint fiction stories of 25 words, exactly.
Need:  drabble fiction stories of 101 words, exactly.
Need:  flash fiction stories between 250 and 1,000 words.

Theme: Flights of Fantasy/Speculative Fiction
These stories should fall into the realm of fantasy and speculative fiction, and include the idea of flight in some form: birds, griffins, dragons, jetpacks, steampunk hang-gliders, space ships, etc.

These stories should also be “clean” in a PG to PG-13 way. No graphic violence, sex, nudity, or excessive cursing. 

Action-packed adventure is okay. Sword-fighting scenes and fist fights are okay. Just don’t go gory. Romance can be sweet or hinted, but not graphic.

The story needs to be the work of the submitting author, and cannot be fan fiction.

The editor’s preferred forms of speculative fiction include space opera, science fiction, dystopian, traditional fantasy, super-powered fantasy, and urban fantasy.

Please do not send stories about zombies, vampires, ghosts, or other types of the undead. If you write a story that includes those features, then send it to a different market. It’s not that the editor has never read stories with those features, but this is not the market for them.

Formats accepted: docx, or rtf, or copy and pasted into the body of an e-mail. Also, please include a one to two sentence bio, two links to your favorite forms of social media, and one link for one book, if you have one.

The reading period has been extended until July 2017.

Projected publish date: Fall 2017. 

Authors will be expected to help with promotions and will receive a free pdf of the anthology. 

If your story is accepted, you will receive a copy of a contract, and after we both sign it, it’s a done deal.

Send submissions to Wings of Light Publishing: wingsoflightpublishing (at) gmail (dot) com

Thursday, March 31, 2016

2016 Releases

Champion’s Destiny returns readers to the world of Aramatir, where Champions arise in times of extreme trouble to lead their people in a spiritual and physical battle against the forces of darkness. Champion Clara has accepted her destiny, which she believes will require her to sacrifice her life to save her people and the allies who have joined them in a battle against the joint forces of the Dark Sisterhood and the Drinaii Army. With a small group of allies, Clara plans to infiltrate the Dark Fortress and fight one-on-one against Kalidess, the Mistress of the Dark Sisterhood. Kalidess has power to draw from all those who are linked to her through blood sorcery, but Clara’s allies will also launch a joint attack from outside the fortress. The story hinges on a secret that Clara hasn’t entrusted to her allies.

Barnes and Noble

Honored by a friend’s request to use Champion in the Darkness in her language arts classroom, I wrote this study guide with her small, private school class in mind. However, the lessons may be modified to fit larger classrooms, or even home-school studies. 
In this study, teachers and students will find short lessons on theme, world-building, characterization, and plot with several standard and creative exercises.

Flicker: A Collection of Short Stories and Poetry includes most of the short works I wrote between the fall of 2013 and December 2015. 

These short works range from extremely short in length, from haiku and hint fiction to flash fiction and short fiction. Forty-eight of these works found publication in magazines before becoming a part of this collection, and forty-two new works reside in these pages, as well. 

Flicker contains an eclectic mix of types of writing, as well as subject matter, from light to dark, from real world to speculative worlds.

Possible Titles Forthcoming in 2016:
Dynamic Writing 2
Dynamic Writing 3
Jumble Journal 4 (with new prompts)

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Wings of Light Publishing Posts Return After a Hiatus


Wings of Light Publishing Presents:

Ashes Burn Season 3

Ashes Burn is a hint fiction series based on the lives of three characters: Wend, looking for a new future; Teresa, determined to clear the name of the man she loves; and King Bryant, a man who wants to destroy others to rebuild his life. Season 3 is available for kindle, kobo, and nook.

The Dynamic Writing Series - Book 1, with three options.
This book contains a 15 lesson sample of Dynamic Writing 1 and is available for FREE at this site
and for Kindle readers.

Dynamic Writing 1A is an e-book version of the first 85 lessons of Dynamic Writing 1 
(the first semester).

Dynamic Writing 1 includes 161 writing lessons for middle school students. Informal journal writing and formal writing assignments work alongside each other to grow each young writer’s skills. In one year, students will write over fifty journal entries, six book summaries, two descriptive essays, two narrative essays, five short fiction stories, a process essay, a news article, a super short biography, a short research report, two quatrains, a ballad, two timed essays, and a writing resume. In addition to essay basics like thesis statements, introductions, body paragraphs, and conclusions, students will also learn sentence variations and writing concepts like short sentences, similes, adverb sentence starters, prepositional phrase sentence starters, present participial phrase sentence starters, and more. Notes for teachers and parents, as well as checklists and grade sheets are provided within the lessons, and an answer key may be found in the back of the book. With all of this, Dynamic Writing 1 is ready for use in the home or the classroom.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Wings of Light News for Summer Vacation Devotions

SUMMER VACATION DEVOTIONS is earning money to fight human trafficking as all of the author earnings are devoted to Peace Rehabilitation Center in Nepal. 


Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Wings of Light Publishing Presents: Summer Vacation Devotions

Wings of Light Publishing Presents:

Summer Vacation Devotions: 15 Devotions for Families

Fifteen devotions for families having fun on summer vacation. Included topics are: packing, driving, car games, maps, rest stops, sand, water, buckets of treasure, sunscreen, sunglasses, tent camping, campfires, flashlight tag, s'mores, and the summer night sky. Scriptures, devotional reflections, and prayers intertwine with these fun topics for sweet devotional time. 
Taste the sweetness of God's Word that's even sweeter than s'mores cooked over a campfire.

Pre-order Now!
Release Date: June 25th!

Pocket-Sized Paperbacks coming soon!

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Wings of Light Publishing proudly presents:

"When Okay is Enough" - a reprint of a flash fiction story originally long-listed at a Brilliant Flash Fiction contest.

And "The Biggest Waterslide" - another reprint of a flash fiction story short-listed at a Brilliant Flash Fiction contest.

Both are just 99 cents for kindle readers.

"The Biggest Waterslide" can also be found at Quarter-Reads for just a quarter! 

For the best "deal," check out these dates for giveaways:

"When Okay is Enough" Free days: May 30th-31st, and June 19th-20th.

"The Biggest Waterslide" Free days: May 29th-30th, June 11th-12th, and July 5th.

Please note that both of these titles have a quiet kind of faith inside them - it's never spoken, but it comes out in the actions of the characters and the changes in the world around them.