Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Wings of Light Publishing Posts Return After a Hiatus


Wings of Light Publishing Presents:

Ashes Burn Season 3

Ashes Burn is a hint fiction series based on the lives of three characters: Wend, looking for a new future; Teresa, determined to clear the name of the man she loves; and King Bryant, a man who wants to destroy others to rebuild his life. Season 3 is available for kindle, kobo, and nook.

The Dynamic Writing Series - Book 1, with three options.
This book contains a 15 lesson sample of Dynamic Writing 1 and is available for FREE at this site
and for Kindle readers.

Dynamic Writing 1A is an e-book version of the first 85 lessons of Dynamic Writing 1 
(the first semester).

Dynamic Writing 1 includes 161 writing lessons for middle school students. Informal journal writing and formal writing assignments work alongside each other to grow each young writer’s skills. In one year, students will write over fifty journal entries, six book summaries, two descriptive essays, two narrative essays, five short fiction stories, a process essay, a news article, a super short biography, a short research report, two quatrains, a ballad, two timed essays, and a writing resume. In addition to essay basics like thesis statements, introductions, body paragraphs, and conclusions, students will also learn sentence variations and writing concepts like short sentences, similes, adverb sentence starters, prepositional phrase sentence starters, present participial phrase sentence starters, and more. Notes for teachers and parents, as well as checklists and grade sheets are provided within the lessons, and an answer key may be found in the back of the book. With all of this, Dynamic Writing 1 is ready for use in the home or the classroom.

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