Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Release Day for The Jumble Collection!

Wings of Light Publishing is excited to celebrate the 
release of:

The Jumble Collection 

The E-book and Pocket-sized Jumble of 500+ Writing Prompts contain more than 500 simple writing prompts to help every day writers start their day writing. These prompts are designed to give the write just a jolt of an idea, from which the writer can create their own story, reflection, poem, collage, or drawing.

The Jumble Journals each include over 100 prompts on lined 6 x 9 pages for writing freedom!

Feel free to imagine the possibilities, ask "what if" questions, delve into reflection, and enjoy writing!

The E-Book Jumble of 500+ Writing Prompts is available for 99 cents for:

The Pocket-Sized Jumble of 500+ Writing Prompts is available at:
and will soon be available at Amazon.

The Jumble Journals are coming in March and will be available at: