Sunday, December 21, 2014

Release Update for 2014

Wings of Light Publishing is proud to present three e-stories for fast-paced reading! Currently, these three e-story titles may be found at Amazon only. Each story is regularly 99 cents, but sometimes they are offered for free on varied days.

"Seedling" is a quick re-pub of a flash fiction story that went live at Brilliant Flash Fiction last June.
Dunnie has a secret: a power inside him that's gone wrong in the past. When it's time to introduce himself to a new teacher, what will he say? And, will his classmates ever accept the truth? 

"The Bridge Snap" is a quick re-pub of a story originally found in Sunday Snaps: The Stories in 2013.
Is Elayn looking for the perfect picture, or the perfect guy? She isn't too sure herself. When she agrees to meet another photographer whose work she admires, will she find a picture worthy moment, or will she make a fool of herself like usual? 

"The Horse in the Well" is a quick re-pub of a short story originally published here on my blog, and is a re-telling of a story my grandma Pearl used to tell me. This story, and the reason for it, are enclosed, and it is all meant to honor my grandma Pearl and the storytellers in my family.

Please consider checking out these titles!